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Diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer (Electronic educational course, 18 hours)

Category of trainees: doctors-specialists with higher education in the field of training: "Coloproctology", "Surgery", "Oncology", " General Medical Practice (family medicine)", "Endoscopy", "Gastroenterology", " Medical care»,

The complexity of the program: 18 academic hours.

Form of training: distance learning by means of an electronic educational environment with the use of interactive communication technologies.


Colorectal cancer occupies a leading position in terms of morbidity and mortality among oncological diseases. This is due, on the one hand, to the improvement in the quality of screening programs and early diagnosis of cancer, which leads to greater detection of colorectal cancer, and on the other hand, more and more colorectal cancer is diagnosed in young and middle-aged people, and as a rule, in this age group of patients, the disease proceeds unfavorably, the primary tumor rapidly increases in size, and metastasis to distant organs occurs extremely quickly.

Science does not stand still, the oncologist currently has a wide variety of different groups of drugs for the treatment of cancer, primarily modern immune therapy, which is gradually changing the paradigm of cancer treatment. Despite the fact that the range of indications for prescribing drug therapy is currently expanding, surgery remains the most radical treatment for colorectal cancer. Surgical methods and approaches to the treatment of colorectal cancer are constantly changing and improving. This increases the survival rate and reduces the frequency of local relapse.

As part of this course, you will learn about modern diagnostics, the principles of screening and prevention of colorectal cancer, the anatomy and embryology of the colon and rectum will be described in detail, because knowledge of the anatomy of the organ is the key to successful surgery. You will learn from the experience of surgical treatment of colorectal cancer of various schools (western and eastern), and also learn what successes Russian colorectal surgery has achieved. Special attention will be paid to classification and staging. We will share our experience in the treatment of colorectal cancer-we will demonstrate the technique of performing laparoscopic and robot-assisted interventions on the colon and rectum. And finally, you will learn about the features of patient management at various stages of surgical treatment, the purpose of this section is to prevent all kinds of complications and failures.

In addition to lectures, you will be offered didactic material for self-study and video materials, and at the end of the course you will pass a test control of knowledge.

The form of certification of students: intermediate testing on the sections of the course, final testing after the completion of the development of the educational modules of the program.

Students who have successfully passed the final certification are issued a certificate of professional development.

Speakers of the educational course:

  1. Mikhail A. Danilov, Ph. D., Head of the Department of Coloproctology of the State Medical Institution of the Moscow State Medical Center named after A. S. Loginov, MD, coloproctologist;
  2. Alexander V. Leontiev, Ph. D., Coloproctologist of the Coloproctology Department of the State Medical Institution of the Loginov Moscow Medical Research Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences;
  3. Baycherov Aslan Borisovich, Candidate of Medical Sciences, coloproctologist of the Coloproctology Department of the State Medical Institution of the Moscow State Scientific Research Center named after A. S. Loginov DZM;
  4. Georgy Germanovich Sahakian, Junior researcher, coloproctologist of the State Medical Institution of the Moscow State Scientific Research Center named after A. S. Loginov DZM.

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