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Training of personnel in the basics of information security (Electronic educational course, 18 hours)

Audience category: all doctors-specialists in the enlarged group of specialties " Clinical medicine»

The complexity of the program: 18 academic hours.

Form of training: distance learning through an electronic educational environment with the use of interactive communication technologies.


Information technologies have become an integral part of modern medicine. However, the widespread use of information technology creates additional risks that need to be taken into account in their work. According to statistics, in 80% of cases, attackers do not use any complex methods to carry out attacks, but use well-known schemes, such as social engineering, phishing, password matching, etc. The weak link in even well-protected systems is still the USER. A careless and uninformed employee is just as dangerous as a hacker attack on the computer systems of a medical center!

How can the "weak link" be strengthened? Perhaps the only effective way today is to train the staff in the basics of information security!

As part of the course, you will master:

- methods of safe operation of social networks, messengers and counteraction to social engineering

− ways to safely work with e-mail (e-mail)

- the basics of Internet security or how to properly and safely exploit the opportunities provided by the " world Wide Web»

- rules for creating and managing accounts and passwords, as well as everything related to them

- methods of efficient and safe operation of mobile devices

- methods for ensuring the security of the organization's data

Our course includes video tutorials and presentations that include real-life examples, interesting tasks and tests.

Form of attestation of trainees: intermediate testing in the course sections, final testing after the completion of the development of the educational modules of the program.

Students who have successfully passed the final certification are issued a certificate of professional development

Curators of the professional development cycle:

1. Lepin Dmitry Viktorovich, Chief Security Analyst at DOTS BEL, certified specialist of EnCase (Guidance Software), IBM, McAfee, ITIL Security Management. Certified Security Project Manager.

2. Makhnach Andrey Frantsevich, expert in the field of information security of DOTS BEL, certified specialist of CheckPoint, Microsoft, Kaspersky, IBM.

Working program of the course

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