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Online consultation of the MCSC doctor


On July 2, patients will have access to online consultations viaPersonal account. They will allow you to stay in touch with your doctor from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Online consultation opportunities:

  • Communication on previously prescribed treatment.
  • Interpretation of the results of analyses and studies.
  • Getting an alternative opinion about the state of health.
  • Answers to your questions.

For your convenience, consultations are held daily via video link in accordance with the established schedule.

After the appointment, the doctor makes recommendations that will be available in your personal account or sent to you by email.

* Please note that doctors do not make a diagnosis during consultations. To make a diagnosis, please make an appointment for a face-to-face appointment.

The service is provided by specialists:

We have prepared instructions for you on how to make an appointment for a consultation.

Your health is our main value.


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