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Discharge from the breast. Conversation with the doctor

Jun 9, 2021

What is the reason for the discharge from the breast?

Discharge from the breast, not associated with pregnancy and lactation, may indicate the development of pathological processes in the breast. 

  • They can appear spontaneously and when pressed, differ in color and consistency.

What factors influence the appearance of secretions?

Most often, this is:

  • changes in the hormonal background
  • inflammatory processes in the endometrium and ovaries
  • artificial termination of pregnancy
  • violation of fat metabolism (excess body weight)
  • hormone-producing tumors and thyroid dysfunction
  • intra-flow papillomas

Discharge from the breast sometimes occurs in cancer.

What kind of research should I do?

  • digital mammography (after 39 years)
  • Ultrasound of the mammary glands and lymph nodes
  • cytological examination of secretions

An endocrinologist's consultation may also be recommended, and ductography (contrast examination of the milky ducts) is often prescribed. 

Is the discharge from the mammary glands always a pathology? 

Discharge from the nipples during pregnancy and lactation is physiological (normal).

  • In all other cases, it is necessary to consult a doctor for an examination.

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