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Assistance to cancer patients in the Pavlova branch


Different kinds treatment of oncological diseases:

  • medicinal
    • chemotherapy
    • immunotherapy
    • targeted therapy
  • radiation therapy and their combinations
  • combined and (or) complex treatment

can cause one or another side and toxic effects (adverse events):

  • gastrointestinal, Cardiological, hematological toxicity

Also, many patients during treatment may have concomitant diseases or States:

  • hypertension
  • diabetes mellitus
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • anemia, hypoproteinemia, etc.

It can complicate start or continue treatment, and in some cases doctors recommend it cancel.

Branch of MCSC on Pavlova offers therapeutic care for patients with oncological diseases according to the system MHI.

What needs to be done?

Apply to consulting and diagnostic Department of the MCSC for compulsory medical insurance and get consultations:

  • therapist
  • hematologist
  • gastroenterologist

At this point, your doctor may recommend that you hospitalization in profile offices of the branch on Pavlova for conducting therapy.

Available for our patients superior comfort wards according to the MHI+system.

  • If desired, you can also stay in single rooms with individual conditions of stay on a paid basis.

Therapy of concomitant diseases, and references and toxic effects increases the effectiveness of treatment, improving:

  • portability
  • quality of life of patients

Make an appointment for a consultation:

  • on the site
  • Call Center +7 (495) 304 30 39

Our address: Akademika Pavlova STR., 22 (Molodezhnaya metro station).

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