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Diagnosis of mammary glands after mammoplasty

Mammoplasty, along with blephar and rhinoplasty, today includes in the top three most popular and popular plastic surgery in Aesthetic Medicine.
What are the types of mammoplatics?
  • Augmentation mammoplasty or endoprosthetics - increase the volume of the gland with implants;
  • Reduction mammoplasty - reduction of breast volume;
  • Mastopexy or shape correction - "breast lift" ;
  • Plastic nipple-areolar complex;
  • Lipofilling or plastic own adipose tissue;
  • Reconstructive (Allo - and autoplastic) operations after surgery mastectomy (removal of the breast).
To patients who underwent mammoplastic surgery, it is necessary individual approach how to plan dynamic observation programs the condition of the mammary glands, and its implementations. 
First, this is due to the fact that surgical interventions are always change the visualization of the organ. 
  • Such changes are very individual, hence, for the purpose of accurate diagnosis breast tissue conditions in each case necessary compilation personal diagnostic plan which should also take into account and technical specifications the equipment used. 
In the clinic of women's health are modern digital mammographs, providing automatic selection of the degree of compression breast cancer when performing mammography. 
  • This is very important for patients with breast implants who have references mammography can lead to mechanical injury, up to history the implant.
Second, mammoplasty, like any other surgical intervention, is always accompanied by risk of development how introduction (hematoma, seroma), and later (displacement and / or damage of the implant, capsular contracture, double fold syndrome, etc.) complications. 
In some cases, for example, in case of suspicion integrity violations the implant, standard diagnostic methods such as mammography and ultrasound, are not always sufficient, including within the framework of screening for availability malignant pathology. 
  • In such situations, the doctor on the basis of integrated assessment data and results references instrumental diagnostics can be expanded the diagnostic plan by conducting, in particular, Mr mammography (MRI of the mammary glands). 
In identifying early complications, such as hematoma or seroma, high informative has computed tomography. 
Extensive experience of specialists FGM, ownership of the most modern methods of breast diagnosis, as well as comprehensive use methods of radiation diagnostics allow properly plan the survey patients subjected to reconstructive plastic intervention, and in time to reveal pathology
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