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MCSC doctors at the conference "Oncocytology" - 2021


On November 12, a multidisciplinary conference under the auspices of the Russian society of oncopathologists "Oncocytology" - 2021 was held. It was attended by pathologists, cytologists, geneticists and biologists, as well as doctors of other specialties – oncology, surgery, chemotherapy, radiology. 

The conference focused on modern diagnostic capabilities of cytologists, as well as standardization of cytological studies performed in patients with oncological pathology.

Experts clinical and Diagnostic Laboratory MCSC named after A. S. Loginov Putova M. V. and Noskova K. K. presented reports on the following topics:

  • "Difficulties of cytological diagnosis in pancreatic pathology"
  • "Internal quality control in the cytology laboratory: ways to improve the skills and training opportunities of the morphologist"

Also, our specialists participated in the round table on the organization of quality control in cytopathology.

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