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Diagnosis of lactase deficiency in Pavlov MCSC


Lactase deficiency or hypolactasia - this is a disease in which it is absent or insufficiently active the enzyme of the small intestine is lactase. 

  • This way does not happen breaking down milk sugar (lactose).

Lactose (milk sugar is a carbohydrate) found in dairy products. 

When insufficiency lactase arises malabsorption dairy products.

Often patients complain of:

  • bloating, flatulence
  • diarrhea
  • abdominal discomfort
  • weight loss
  • hair loss, brittle nails
  • dry skin
  • lack of vitamins B, A, D

This disease widely distributed all over the world.

  • According to various studies, it occurs in 10-75% of the population of Russia.

What are the causes of lactase deficiency?

  • heredity
  • bacterial and viral intestinal infections 
  • violation of intestinal microflora (dysbiosis)
  • parasitic diseases (helminth infestations, giardiasis)
  • various chronic diseases of the digestive system, combined with dysbiosis, etc.

Specialists of our center more than 20 years engaged in the development of methods for diagnosing carbohydrate malabsorption and methods of Correction of lactase deficiency adults. 

In the Department of Gastroenterology branch of MCSC on Pavlov conducted by evaluation of enzymatic activity of enterocytes.

  • This method allows in 100% of cases identify hidden current diseases.

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