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Oncomarkers: do I need to check them?


Do I need to pass oncomarkers, if, according to the examination, there is no pathology not revealed?

Oncomarkers - these are biological substances, increase the level of which in the body can talk about development of the oncological process or other diseases, not related with oncology. 

  • However, no diagnostic test does not have 100% sensitivity and specificity. 

Since the growth of cancer markers can be a manifestation of absolutely different pathology, for primary diagnostics oncological diseases they do not fit.

Therefore, today doctors do not recommend all patients in the planned order take tests for cancer markers. 

And in what situations is the definition of the level of markers necessary?

  • When conducting complex diagnostics oncological process in combination with other methods. 
  • For control effectiveness of treatment and course of the disease in patients with oncology: an increase in values may indicate, in particular, relapse.
  • Age survey for example, in men, prostate-specific PSA antigen is determined.

At the same time there is factors which may contribute to distortion of results test:

  • Alcohol consumption, smoking contribute to increase oncomarker content
  • Reception of some medicinal products (for example, iron binds to the reagent and acts as a cancer marker) 
  • High level bilirubin
  • The temporary factor: it is necessary to observe the interval between blood collection and its examination, etc.

Remember that in each case indications for the analysis of the level of cancer markers should be determined individually, and assigns these analyses only the Attending Physician.

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