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Rehabilitation after COVID-19 at the MCSC Pavlova branch


Rehabilitation it is necessary for all patients who have been ill. coronavirus infection. 

  • Especially it is necessary for those who have suffered the disease moderate to severe and mandatory for patients who were on artificial ventilation of the lungs.

Now in branch of MCSC on Pavlova you can pass medical rehabilitation in a hospital setting.

A comprehensive recovery program after COVID-19 will allow:

  • improve the functioning of the respiratory muscles
  • restore the functions of the immune, cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems
  • improve performance
  • recover from respiratory failure

It includes:

  • consultations of a general practitioner, physiotherapist, nutritionist, medical psychologist, gastroenterologist, hepatologist, hematologist;
  • primary laboratory and functional diagnostics: blood tests, X-ray examination (MSCT, MRI), study of the function of external respiration;
  • infusion therapy;
  • physiotherapeutic treatment;
  • physical therapy and massage, breathing exercises.

For each patient we select individual recovery course including all necessary procedures, medicines, medical care, accommodation in a comfortable room, as well as meals.

Please note, that we accept patients for the rehabilitation program over 18 years old after graduation 14-day isolation at home from the moment of discharge, having negative PCR test on COVID-19, conclusion according to The conducted CT of the chest organs and positive clinical dynamics.

To make an appointment for an initial consultation, you need to send your medical documents:

  • discharge epicrisis from the hospital,
  • negative PCR test as well as M and G antibody levels,
  • conclusion of chest CT,
  • any other additional information, description of complaints,
  • as well as your contacts for feedback.

Contact us via email:

Our address: 22 Akademika Pavlova Street (Molodezhnaya metro station), Phone +7 (495) 304-30-39.

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