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Stomach polyps. MCSC patient history


Patient S., 61 years old, applied to the MCSC named after A. S. Loginov. In the clinic, she was diagnosed with large polyps in the stomach.

In the Department of operative endoscopy, an examination of the organ was performed – gastroscopy. A large stomach polyp on a 5 cm leg was identified, part of which affected the duodenum. Also, another formation of 3 cm in size was determined nearby. 

Specialists of the department decided on endoscopic removal of polyps in a hospital. The patient was hospitalized in our center, where surgical intervention was performed in the Department of operative endoscopy. 

The operation lasted more than three hours, the polyps were completely removed using endoscopic technology. On the second day after the operation, she was discharged home in good health.

According to the results of histological examination of the patient's formation, malignant cells were found in the polyps. However, everything was removed within the healthy tissues. 

The polyps themselves were a rare type of neoplasm – gastric adenomas of the foveolar type.  As a rule, they do not cause clinical symptoms in patients and are diagnosed in a study about another pathology. 

When detecting such neoplasms, it is necessary to exclude the presence of Helicobacter infection and atrophic gastritis. Since in their absence, stomach cancer can develop from polyps of this type. 

Foveolar adenomas are subject to mandatory removal. The decision on the method of removal is made by the attending physician after further examination of the patient.

The MCSC named after A. S. Loginov performs a wide range of endoscopic studies and surgical treatment.  If you have any complaints from the gastrointestinal tract, and you have not undergone an endoscopic examination, be sure to make an appointment with specialists for diagnosis and further treatment.

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