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Moscow Society of Medical Geneticists


Dear colleagues!
We invite you to joinMoscow Society of Medical Geneticists.

  • The main goal is to unite geneticists and doctors of related specialties to solve urgent problems in the diagnosis and treatment of hereditary diseases. 

Our projects:

  • participation in the organization of assistance to patients with hereditary diseases in Moscow
  • creation of a database of hereditary variants of patients in Moscow and Russia
  • quality control of genetic research
  • cooperation with professional communities 
  • development of clinical recommendations based on Moscow experience 
  • conducting scientific and educational conferences, etc.

Today, medical genetics is increasingly accelerating its development and influence on patient treatment tactics.

  • That is why specialists need to have a platform for communication, the introduction of new ideas into daily practice and the exchange of experience with colleagues.

Our joint work will increase the availability of genetic research for patients and improve the effectiveness of treatment of many diseases.

Details on the website

Join us! We look forward to your participation!

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