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May 12 – International Day of the Nurse


May 12th all over the world it is celebratedInternational Day of the nurse. What other profession can contain so much kindness, responsiveness and compassion!? It's not for nothing that nurses used to be called sisters of mercy.

For the first time this holiday was celebrated in 1965, and the decision to celebrate it on May 12 is connected with the birthday of one of the founders of the Sisters of mercy service, Florence Nightingale. 

Florence Nightingale is a philanthropist, reformer and founder of modern nursing. An aristocrat who left the bohemian world for medicine to help ordinary people. Nightingale became widely known for writing training manuals for nurses, as well as charity. Her name has become a household name for a kind and selfless person.

Dear colleagues! From the bottom of our hearts we wish you to always remain optimistic and charge others with positive emotions.

Happy holidays!



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