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Establishing the genetic identity of DNA profiles


At the MCSC Center for Personalized Medicine, you can take a test to establish the genetic identity of DNA profiles in human biological material samples.

What is the establishment of the identity of the material?

This is a study to establish the genetic characteristics of biological material samples using DNA analysis.

  • It will allow you to understand whether the biological material belongs to one person or to different people. 
  • And also to establish who specifically it belongs if there is a comparison pattern. For example, a patient's blood and biopsy material can be genetically matched.

Why does the patient need it?

In particular, for verification of histological preparations. So that the patient can make sure that the fragment (section) of tissue on which the diagnosis is made really belongs to him.

In what cases is it necessary to conduct this study?

If there are doubts about the correctness of the diagnosis: there are discrepancies according to different diagnostic methods. For example, differences in the diagnosis established by morphological examination with CT data or X-ray examination.

You will be able to get the test result within 7 working days.

Make an appointment by phone: 8 (495) 305-05-50.

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