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November 8 - Radiologist's Day


On November 8, radiologists celebrate their professional holiday.

This date was not chosen by chance, it was on this day in 1895 that the German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, conducting another experiment, discovered X-rays.  

This type of radiation allows images of internal organs and the bone system to appear in the pictures. 

  • The scientist did not realize the full significance of his discovery, refused to name the rays with his name and did not patent the invention for a long time. 

But for medicine it has become a scientific breakthrough and has become widespread. Until now, X-ray remains a popular and accurate method of diagnosing diseases and injuries. 

  • Timely and correctly diagnosed is the key to successful treatment of any disease. And the contribution of a radiologist to it is difficult to overestimate. 

The specialist's job is to interact with many patients. At the same time, the images must be prepared on time, decrypted and transferred to their intended destination. 

Other doctors make a conclusion about the disease and prescribe treatment based on the data that the radiologist receives. 

Congratulations on the holiday, we wish you easy work and successful shots!

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