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Surgery of oncological diseases in Russia at the world level. Interview with prof. I. E. Khatkov on the channel " Mir»

May 17, 2021

ProfessorIgor Yevgenyevich Khatkov, director of the MCSC, acted as an expert in the story of the TV channel "Mir".

The chief freelance oncologist of DZM told how the treatment of oncological diseases takes place.

"Surgical treatment is carried out in our country at a normal global level. What we are known for in the world and why people come to us is the use of minimally invasive technologies in conducting operations for cancer patients. We have been developing this topic for a long time, and we widely use minimally invasive techniques. We have something to share and something to learn, " says Igor Khatkov.

Also, he answered the questions:

  • What kind of cancer prevention is there?
  • When and at what age should I be examined?

See the issue of the program " Eurasia. Literally."


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