Online consultations with MCSC doctors n. a. A. S. Loginov

Telemedicine at MCSC. How to sign up for a consultation?

Today, online consultations are available at the Center. They will allow you to get real-time medical advice from anywhere in the world via the Internet. 
Remote reception is available to all patients who have a personal account on the site:
* If you are a patient of MCSC, your personal account is created automatically.
•If not, you can sign up, it won't take long.
Consultations are conducted:
* Gastroenterologist
* Geneticist
* Neurologist
* Oncologist
* Oncologist-mammologist 
The recording is available through the electronic schedule on the website. 
Online consultation in the MCSC named after A. S. Loginov is a convenient way to communicate with a specialist!
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