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Book "tunnel interventions in endoscopy"

Dear colleagues!

We present a unique publication dedicated to the advanced direction of operative endoscopy – tunnel interventions.

The book details the following aspects:

  • the main types of interventions using submucosal tunnels;
  • prevention and treatment of complications after such interventions;
  • organization and training of operative endoscopy;
  • basics of working with equipment and much more.

Editors-in-chief of the publication ekperty MCSC named after A. S. Loginov

The book developed a modern way of presenting the material:

  • the presentation is accompanied by videos with a detailed demonstration of each technique in practice;
  • the text includes links to access lecture materials, records of operations and master classes.

The interactive format makes the book relevant, as the training content available through links will be constantly updated.

How to order a book? 

  • Pre-order for the publication is collected until February 15.
  • Send a request by email, indicating in the subject of the letter "pre-order TVE" and contact details.
  • We will answer all your questions: cost of publication, delivery, etc.

The guide will be interesting and useful in your daily practice!

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