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The role of Endoscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of head and neck tumors

Tumors of the head and neck – these are malignant neoplasms located in the oral cavity and mucous membrane of the lips, pharynx, larynx and cervical esophagus, nasal cavity.

Such tumors, if they do not have pronounced symptoms, are usually detected at a fairly late stage. But the chances of recovery largely depend on this. Therefore, the diagnosis of such diseases is very important. 

Endoscopy - a modern highly informative method of instrumental Diagnostics, which allows, without resorting to other tools, to look inside the human body and visually assess the condition of internal organs.

In this video, an oncologist surgeon Center for diagnosis and treatment of head and neck tumors MCSC named after A. S. Loginov Mikhail Tigrov talks about the diagnosis of such tumors:

  • how common are such diseases;
  • risk factors;
  • methods for diagnosing the disease;
  • the importance of Endoscopy in the diagnosis of cancer.
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