Online consultations with MCSC doctors n. a. A. S. Loginov

Patient M.

Before the New Year, my husband underwent a technologically complex, 3-hour operation to remove a kidney tumor. Everything went great! It was conducted by the head of the Department of Urology, Doctor of Medical Sciences ,doctor of the highest category Zingerenko Maxim Borisovich and Candidate of Medical Sciences, doctor of the highest category Lakhno Dmitry Alexandrovich.

In addition to the fact that these very young people are well educated, are specialists of international level, possess all modern methods of treatment, control lasers and robots, they also put their whole soul into their patients! Such specialists can only be proud of, this is our future! And the general atmosphere of warmth, goodwill, coming from the entire medical staff of the urology department, cleanliness and order also instill in patients peace of mind and confidence that everything will be fine!

Dear Maxim Borisovich, Dmitry Alexandrovich! Thank you from all our family for returning to a normal, peaceful life, for your skill and professionalism! Health to you and your families!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD