Check Up Diagnostic

Patient N.

In the spring of 2019, the urologist of the district polyclinic unpleasantly surprised me. It turns out that I have an adenoma volume of 100 cubic meters. I knew I had it enlarged, but not to the same extent. I was on Omnik for two years. An operation loomed on the nose, and a cavity operation at that. Where to do, to whom to go? Here is my friend and advised the specialists of the urological department of the MCSC. He was operated on here with prostate cancer.

In November, I made an appointment with Mikhail Araratovich Gazaryan. That's how you immediately feel disposed to a person. He's got that aura. I asked, immediately ultrasound and other procedures. And most importantly. Such a volume, and even a cystic one, is made here by the TOUR method. And no carnage. The operation was performed on December 12. Surgeons Maxim Borisovich Zengerenko and Mikhail Araratovich Gazaryan. Thank you to them for their professionalism, and a low bow. I recovered quickly, I didn't need diapers. Guys, don't drag it out. Do not bring yourself to the tubes from the bladder. Or to something more serious. Although here it is successfully solved. And again. Maxim Borisovich, Mikhail Araratovich, thank you. Thanks to the anesthesiologist, I don't know the name. Special thanks to the nursing staff.

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