Online consultations with MCSC doctors n. a. A. S. Loginov

MCSC patient

I would like to express my gratitude to the doctor for helping me in a difficult situation! I have a rheumatic disease with an extra-articular manifestation - uveitis. Unfortunately, with this form of the disease, you are faced with the lack of a systematic approach to treatment and find yourself in a situation where the ophthalmologist sends you to the rheumatologists to solve the problem, and the rheumatologists-to the ophthalmologists. I was in the same situation. My eyes were sharply inflamed without an obvious increase in the inflammatory process in the joints. I needed a change in the main therapy, but, unfortunately, this process is not fast and the lack of the ability to see normally clearly does not speed it up. Dr. Alexey Dmitrievich helped me in this difficult situation. He contacted an ophthalmologist, who looked at me and a joint decision was made on the dosage of the prescribed drug. The inflammation began to subside. Thank you very much for your attention, responsiveness and desire to really help!

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