Check Up Diagnostic

Patient R.

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to my attending physician of the Department of Hepatology - Yulia Matveeva, for her hard work.
Skilful, creative and competent use of the skills and knowledge gained in her noble profession, allowed Yulia Alexandrovna to correctly coordinate the treatment program and modern methods of examination for the diagnosis of this disease. With my mysterious and complicated liver disease, Yulia Alexandrovna took care of me, and not only conducted effective examinations and treatment, but also invited me to consult with competent and experienced specialists of the Center for concomitant diseases. One of these consultants was Professor of hematology Alexander Pivnik. He gave me hope that all is not lost, and for me life has become beautiful!!
Good-nature and professionalism, a desire to help people-distinguishes Yulia Alexandrovna from other doctors with whom I had to meet! And this is very important for us, for the patients!! The most important thing for a person is health and you really start to appreciate it when the disease comes. It is good that there are such doctors who show sensitivity, attention, desire to help their patients and feel the pain of others!   I was just lucky that Yulia Alexandrovna became my attending physician! Now I can live in peace, because I know that every six months I will come to the Center and I will be treated for my disease. Thank you very much, Yulia Alexandrovna, for your noble work!
Sincerely, your patient R. July 14, 2016
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