Check Up Diagnostic

Patient K.

Review of 21.04.2016 She was in the department of gynecology from 04.04. to 11.04. 2016. I would like to express my deep gratitude to the doctors of the gynecological department Zhanna Leonidovna Kholodova and Roman Sergeyevich Abakumov for the brilliantly performed operation, for their great, patient, professional work. Smart, literate, and so kind. These are doctors who love their profession very much, work hard and bring back the joy of life to people. At the age of 80, it was not easy for me to decide on a planned operation. Zhanna Leonidovna helped me to believe in a successful result and make a decision. The doctors '"golden hands" made everything perfect. The postoperative period passed without complications, thanks to the professional approach, sensitivity and care of the doctors and the entire staff of the department. The environment created by the team is very helpful to recover faster. Low bow to them.
       I would also like to thank anaesthetist Anna Malakhova for her high professionalism and attentive attitude. I was very afraid of anesthesia, but Anna Anatolyevna calmed me down and everything went fine, without any consequences.
       Thank you to all the employees for their hard, painstaking work. We wish you all good health and great creative success! God bless you all!

Sincerely, Patient K.
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