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Patient Sch.

I would like to sincerely thank the head of the Department of operative endoscopy Shishin Kirill Vyacheslavovich and all his wonderful team! I am from the city of Arkhangelsk, my diagnosis is Achalasia 2 st. I live an inferior life since 2013, where I just did not apply...??? In many medical institutions, I was treated as an alien with my diagnosis. This Honey. I found the center on the Internet, sent a cry of my soul!!! The next day, on 29.02.2016, they answered me, and on 21.03.2016, they made me a POEM, completely free of charge, and wrote it out on 23.03.2016. Now it is the second week after the operation, I already feel like a full-fledged person, food brings me pleasure (although so far in the form of mashed potatoes), water passes with such ease!!! I am very sorry that for 3 years of torment, walking on honey. No, I just didn't look into the vastness of the Internet! Thank you very much, wizards of the department of operative endoscopy, a low bow to Shishin K. V., my savior! I'm waiting for the heat when I can taste the barbecue again!
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