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Patient T.

My huge, from the bottom of my heart, GRATITUDE to the Head of the Department of Endocrinology. and metabol. doctor of Surgery, Candidate of Medical Sciences MOSIN Sergey Valeryevich., high-class professionals, excellent surgeons-mammologists, candidates of Medical Sciences-SHIVILOV Yevgeny Vitalievich., KVETENADZE Gurami Elgudzhaevich., ARSLANOV Khalil Sabitovich., All medical specialists. and service. to the staff, I want to express myself in verse:

MCSC, in your person
We have found a true friend,
Who loved us, treated us
And he led us from step one!
........Thank you for your Beauty,
Thank you for your Cleanliness,
Thank you for the Height
Your Calling!
For Your Work, Attention, And Kindness -
Our Confessions To You!
........Luck, Creativity, Success
Let them be near you!
Healthy patient laughter
Let it be your Reward!
........Let the life of Love give generously!
And an angel at the head of the bed
May your Happiness be protected...
GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD