Check Up Diagnostic

Patient S.

Rashid Hamidovich! Thank you very much and bow to the earth for the operation, and especially the human understanding towards me.
May God grant you and your loved ones all the best, good luck, success, and most importantly - health!
Your team also has a huge, huge thank you. I haven't seen such a good attitude to patients in a very long time. Along with high professionalism, the team is not alien to such concepts as compassion, participation and human experience.
You gave me a second chance to live my life as a full-fledged person!!! I will definitely recommend your clinic to all my friends who need to lose weight.
May God grant you long,long years of life, for meeting you is the last hope for many, many people. And thanks to you, this hope is fulfilled!
Thank you very much!
GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD