Check Up Diagnostic

Patient N.

The warmest and kindest memories will remain from the medical staff of the EMH department. When I first came for a consultation with doctors Kvetanidze G. G. and Shevilov E. V., I was afraid, uncertain, but I received so much positive from them that I had enough for the operation and for the postoperative period. I want to wish you to stay the same and continue to improve your skills.
Many thanks to the anesthesiologist Sergey Nikolaevich for endurance, calmness and positive vibes.
It was difficult after the operation, but Elena Valeryevna Ilyushina helped in the first hours. Thank her very much for that. Katina Marina Nikolaevna - this is the confidence that we are doing well during the dressings. Good luck to all of you. Enjoy every moment of your life!
GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD