Online consultations with MCSC doctors n. a. A. S. Loginov

Patient A.

Review of 30.08.2015 / Department of Operative Endoscopy /
I have Achalasia of the esophagus and I found help in the MCSC from Shishin Kirill Vyacheslavovich and Nedoluzhko Ivan Yuryevich, I express my great gratitude to them, I wish them all the best and great success in their profession! These people love their work and give themselves completely to it, they are professionals in their field! they study, analyze, keep statistics, implement and develop new methods of fighting diseases, do not rush home without finishing their work - completely immersed in their work, and most importantly HELP people! I would like to support people who have the same ailment as me-briefly writing my story: In 2011, this sore appeared, and in 2013, when the food began to fail and the esophagus expanded-Achalasia was identified and in Tula, local doctors from the thoracic department carried out a boogie (I will immediately note that boogie helps, I know a woman who had 1 boogie and already 15 years passed without repeated courses, I know a man who has been ill since 86 and now feels satisfactory) I boogie helped only partially, since leaving the hospital a month later, for two years after boogie eating caused only pain, there were vomiting and severe pain syndromes, I lost weight dramatically from 100 kg. to 67 kg., my condition both physical and psychological worsened every day, I took a bunch of pills from a gastroenterologist and a psychiatrist, I followed everything that was required, but it only got worse and now 2 years after boogie at the age of 29, food again does not pass and here I met my rescuers Kirill Vyacheslav and Ivan Yuryevich, after the first communication with them, I have already been cured psychologically! I will note, I will reassure you that in Russia there is free, high-quality, high-tech medicine, I got to the doctors quickly, free of charge, in the direction from my polyclinic, I did not beat the thresholds of a bunch of doors (on Wednesday I communicate with them on Thu-Fri I collect tests, almost all the tests were already collected in advance, and on Monday they are hospitalized and on Tuesday they perform the operation POEM and on Thursday I sit at home, eat porridge, enjoying this process! and after a couple of weeks I will be able to eat solid food), patients with achalasia know that you can not be discouraged, wind up negative, that the mental state plays a huge role in our disease, but it is difficult to renounce the sore without thinking about it and not panicking, but panicking will not help yourself, and in this case only aggravate the problem. Therefore, first try to be optimistic, not pessimistic, and know that Achalasia is not a sentence, you can and should live and enjoy life with full breasts!!! and Achalasia IS TREATED! I feel great! food passes without difficulty! it does not stagnate! not any reflux no! psychologically, I have fully recovered and now everything is happy again in this life! Good luck to all, do not lose heart, but get treated and watch your health. For Achalasia, even the disability group is not given, because it is a disease that can be fought! and live, enjoy life!
GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD