Check Up Diagnostic

Patient A.

Behind the planned hospitalization in the department of IBD of the MCSC im. Loginova. I want to express my sincere words of gratitude and say a simple human THANK YOU to the doctor Zhulina Elena Yuryevna. For the attention, patience and tact shown-qualities inherent in real doctors, specialists, who are now not so often found. Not a single question remained unanswered. Elena Yurievna, always found time to explain, calm down and choose the best way to pass such important, but difficult to pass procedures. After all, in treatment, it is very important how much you trust the doctor, and the result of treatment depends on it.

I would like to express my special gratitude to Sergey Viktorovich Belousov, endoscopist of the Department of Diagnostic Endoscopy. Masterfully and quickly conducted the examination, so that this time I did not even have to endure the pain - it was not there. Specialist with a capital letter. A big man with a good heart. Thank you.


GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD