Online consultations with MCSC doctors n. a. A. S. Loginov

Patient E.

From 28.10 to 05.11.2019, I was treated at the MCSC named after A. S. Loginov in the Center for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Head and Neck Tumors (hereinafter referred to as the OGS), where I underwent an operation performed very professionally and accurately. In this connection, I want to say words of deep respect and express my deep gratitude to the surgeon operating on me - the head of the department of the OSH, Ph. D. Yakovleva Lilia Pavlovna for her high professionalism, sensitive attitude, warmth, ability to calm and support in difficult times, as well as to my attending physician Khodos Artem Valeryevich, a competent, responsive and attentive doctor. Working 10-12 hours a day and performing the most complex operations, you find the strength to communicate with patients and their relatives in a friendly way, giving everyone their attention. I express my gratitude to the entire staff of the OGS department for their kind attitude, care and support. I also express my gratitude and thank the anesthesiologist Ivan Dushin-a professional in his field, kind, decent, responsible and attentive, and the nurses present at the operation. THANK you for your work! Let yourself always have a reliable person who will come to the rescue in a difficult moment and take responsibility for your life and health on yourself just as you do! I wish the MCSC named after A. S. Loginov further prosperity and grateful patients!

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