Check Up Diagnostic

Daily ECG monitoring

Mandatory list of documents for research

  • Referral (form # 057 / y) and an extract from the ICAB (form # 027/y) - if the study will be conducted in another building of the polyclinic or another MO.
  • Data from previous studies/inpatient treatment – if available.

Patient preparation

Not required.

When conducting the study, patients should follow the following recommendations::

  • it is necessary to fill in the patient's diary during the whole day;
  • it is necessary to describe in the activity column what you did, with the mandatory indication of time: waking up, resting, walking, transport, watching TV, reading, eating, walking, running, climbing stairs, sleeping, waking up at night, etc., with the indication of time in the first column;
  • it is necessary to mark the rest periods in a horizontal position during the day and specify those moments when you dozed off;
  • be sure to mark the symptoms in the column: heart pain, headache, etc.;
  • be sure to mark the medication intake, the intake of all medications in the column.
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