Foreign patients

Loginov Moscow Clinical Scientific Center is State Institution funded by Moscow Healthcare Department in 2013. The clinic was founded on the basis of Central Research Institute of Gastroenterology with 50 years of successful experience.

Today MSCS is a large developing multi-disciplinary Research and Training Centre including expert-level specialists.

We have a wide spectrum of departments with assist circle from diagnostics, conservative or, if necessary, surgical treatment to rehabilitation.

Here each patient can receive highly professional assistance with diseases of:

•          Esophagus

•          Stomach

•          Liver

•          Pancreas

•          Small and large bowel

•          Kidney

•          Ureters

•          Bladder

•          Prostate

•          Female Reproductive System

•          Heart

•          Lungs

•          Endocrine system etc.

We use the most modern technologies available in the worldwide medicine: innovative methods of diagnostics, carried out the full spectrum of minimally invasive surgical procedures, including oncology, making our activity is visible in the world.


You can apply for a specialist you need on-site schedule.

It is an opportunity to get access to the best world methods of treatment in the shortest possible time.

Chargeable services are available both for Russian and foreign citizens temporarily or permanently residing on the territory of the Russian Federation.


Our center provides the most advanced medical care in many health insurance plans. We work with many large insurance providers of medical services.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD