Help to every resident of Russia in the MCSC!

Good news for patients from the regions and abroad ! 

Our Center can provide specialized medical care to patients not only living in Moscow, but also from other regions of Russia.

Hospitalization is possible after a preliminary consultation with a specialized specialist of the Loginov Moscow Medical Research Center, who will determine the tactics of further examination and treatment and, according to indications, set the date of hospitalization.


Or the administration of the health care facility at the place of residence can send medical documents to the email address of our Center and according to the decision, you can agree on the date of the consultation of a specialized specialist and, according to the indications, the date of hospitalization.

To be admitted to a hospital for compulsory medical insurance, you must have:

  • passport

  • compulsory health insurance policy (MHI policy)

  • referral from the health care center at the place of residence with an indication of the diagnosis and an extract from the outpatient card

  • results of the conducted surveys

In the absence of a referral from the medical institution at the place of residence to the MCSC named after A. S. Loginov, you can be provided with medical assistance on a contractual basis. 

Make an appointment by calling the MCSC call center: 8 (495) 304-30-40; 8 (495) 304-30-39.

You can also view the schedule of our specialists and submit an application for an appointment in the schedule section.



Foreign patients can also get help! 

Consultation and hospitalization is possible on a contractual basis.

The price list can be found here: PRICE LIST

Make an appointment by calling the MCSC call center: 8 495 304-30-40, 8 495 304-30-39 or by e-mail:

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