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Important information: routine consultations and hospitalization during the epidemic


Dear patients!

We continue to conduct hospitalization of patients in our Center, as well as scheduled consultations of specialists of the Consultative and Diagnostic Department for patients living in Moscow, the Moscow region and the regions of the Russian Federation:

  • in the presence of an MHI policy and the direction of form No. 057/U-04 from the polyclinic at the place of residence; 
  • when the referral is issued by an authority-the Ministry of Health or the Department of Health;
  • for medical care in connection with cancer (diagnosis of section " C " or with a code from the range D00-D09);
  • for hemodialysis. 

In order to prevent Covid-2019, we have introduced a new procedure for consultation and hospitalization:  

  • We ask you to come to the hospital strictly at the appointed time.
  • Accompanying patients to hospital is temporarily prohibited. 
  • Hospitalization of patients with a chemotherapeutic profile is carried out through a separate entrance.
  • Patients with signs of SARS, influenza - hospitalization is prohibited*.

*The ICNC has measures to prevent the introduction and spread of coronavirus infection 2019-nCoV. If you notice symptoms of an acute respiratory infection, we recommend that you reschedule your appointment, stay at home, and be sure to call a doctor. 

You can cancel or reschedule a visit on the website inIn your Personal Account, or by phone: 8 (495) 304-30-39.

In accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 3, 2020 No. 432 "On the specifics of implementing the basic program of mandatory medical insurance in the face of the threat of the spread of diseases caused by a new coronavirus infection" and Part 8 of Article 35 of the Federal Law "On Mandatory Medical Insurance in the Russian Federation.

Thank you for your help and understanding! Be healthy!

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