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Fibroscanning of the liver. Diagnosis of MCSC


Fibroscan is a modern device for non-invasive examination of the liver, aimed at detecting fibrosis. Its action is based on the analysis of the displacement of the ultrasonic wave. When passing through the liver tissue, the waves have different lengths, depending on the degree of elasticity of its tissues. These changes are recorded by the device, and displayed graphically.

Indications for the study:

  • Confirmation of the diagnosis: viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, alcoholic steatohepatitis, autoimmune liver diseases, hereditary diseases affecting the liver.
  • Diseases that lead to liver damage (diabetes mellitus, obesity, atherosclerosis, hyperbilirubinemia, etc.).
  • Assessment of the degree of liver damage.
  • Preventive examination in the presence of risk factors (alcohol abuse, medication).
  • The choice of treatment tactics.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of treatment.


  • The study is non-invasive, i.e., low-traumatic and bloodless.
  • Immediate result after the study (duration 8-10 minutes).
  • The possibility of examination on the device of overweight patients.
  • Safety (ability to monitor the effectiveness of therapy). The proven high reliability of the method in comparison with liver biopsy, since the studied volume of the liver is 100 – 200 times larger than in liver biopsy.

In our Center, the research is carried out on the FibroScan® 530 Compact device. It allows you to quantify both the stage of fibrosis/cirrhosis and the degree of liver obesity (steatosis).

You can make an appointment for the study by calling the call center +7 (495) 304-30-39

Check your liver!

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