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Numbness of hands in the morning


Sometimes in the morning you may feel numbness in the hands. 

  • As a rule, a few minutes later after waking sensitivity recovering. 

In some cases, doctors diagnose osteochondrosis or radiculopathy but after treatment numbness may not pass.

The hand at night can be numb. perfectly healthy a man. For example, if he slept in an uncomfortable position. 

  • But if the hands are numb several times a week or every morning then it is necessary to consult a neurologist for examination.

One of the most common neuropathy (peripheral nerve lesions) – carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Occurs compression (squeezing) the median nerve at the level of the wrist where the nerve passes in a narrow channel.
  • As a result, it arises prolonged numbness.

How to diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome?

The gold standard for diagnosis is electroneuromyography (EMG) "it's a study conducting function peripheral nerves. 

  • The doctor with the help of a special stimulating electrode delivers small electrical pulses that allow you to examine speed of carrying out on the nerves.
  • The procedure in full takes about 40-60 minutes.

Can everyone do electromyography?

This method safe but it is necessary necessarily warn doctors, if you have a pacemaker or hearing implant.

What other studies are being conducted?

The modern method of diagnosis is also Ultrasound of the median nerves. It can show thickening nerve at the entrance to the carpal canal.

How is this disease treated?

There are two methods of treatment: conservative and operational. 
On early stage conservative treatment helps. 

  • At night it is worn on the wrist orthosis, and are also held blockades- injections in the wrist area. 

If the effect of blockades is insufficient, it is necessary surgical treatment: under local anesthesia the carpal ligament is cut what frees nerve compression.

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