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Breast cancer prevention – what can reduce the risk of developing the disease?

Breast cancer (breast cancer) is one of the most manageable oncological diseases.

Early diagnosis allows you to make a diagnosis in time and take control of the situation, giving high chances of a full recovery.

In the program "About the most important thing" on the Russia 1 TV channel, the expert of the MCSC named after A.S. Loginov, head of the department of clinical mammology and reconstructive plastic surgery of the breast, oncologist-mammologist Gourami Kvetenadze told:

  • what signs make it possible to suspect pathology at an early stage;
  • how to independently examine the mammary glands;
  • what changes should alert a woman;
  • how often to undergo a routine check with a specialist.

According to statistics, when breast cancer is detected at the initial stage, the probability of cure is 96%.

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