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How do I decipher the results of the study?


According to the results of the examination of the mammary glands (ultrasound, mammography, magnetic resonance imaging), in conclusion, the doctor describes the detected changes and gives them a final assessment using the Bi-RADS system (withthe system of interpretation and recording of breast imaging). It describes the results of studies for all radiation methods and helps to determine deviations from the norm.

How do I decipher the results of the study?

Depending on the severity of the detected changes, the specialist gives a rating from 0 to 6, and the structure of the mammary gland tissue is also reflected in the Latin letters A, B, C or D.

The meaning of the letters:

Type A-the mammary gland is mainly represented by adipose tissue;

Type B-the mammary glands are mainly represented by adipose tissue, there are separate areas of fibrous and glandular tissue;

Type C-the mammary glands are represented by both adipose and fibrous and glandular tissue;

Type D-the mammary glands are completely represented by fibrous and glandular tissue.


Value of points:

Bi-RADS 0-means that a reliable conclusion can not be made at the moment. Additional examination is required. Most likely, you will be asked to submit studies that were performed earlier, or you will be asked to conduct an additional survey.

Bi-RADS 1-no breast pathology was detected.

Bi-RADS 2 – all detected changes have benign signs (further routine monitoring is recommended).

Bi-RADS 3 – all the detected changes are most likely benign, but it is necessary to repeat the study after 4-6 months to make sure that it is stable.

Bi-RADS 4-changes are suspected of a malignant process, a biopsy with subsequent histological examination is necessary. This category has a wide range of probability that the detected changes will be malignant, so it is divided into 3 subgroups: 4a – probability of malignancy 2 – 10%, 4b – probability of malignancy 10 – 50%, 4c – probability of malignancy 50 – 95%.

Bi-RADS 5-the specialist notes all the signs of a malignant formation. A biopsy is indicated.

Bi-RADS 6-assessment indicates an already proven (verified) histologically malignant formation.

This information will allow you to navigate in the conclusion of the doctor of radiation diagnostics.

To learn more about breast health, the risk of breast cancer, the frequency and methods of examination, please contact your doctor.

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