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Patient feedback on pancreatic cancer treatment at MCSC

Today we are telling the story of our patient Mikhail K., 50 years old.

In 2021, while walking in the park with his children, he decided to go through a check-up in the Healthy Moscow pavilion. There he was suspected of having a malignant neoplasm by blood test.

The man was sent first to the Outpatient Oncological Care Center, then to the MKNTSloginov, where he underwent a comprehensive examination. Pancreatic cancer was diagnosed.

According to the results of the multidisciplinary consultation, the patient was prescribed medication at the first stage - 8 courses of chemotherapy.

The second stage is surgical treatment. In the department of high-tech surgery and surgical endoscopy, a team of doctors led by Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Igor Khatkov, performed an operation to remove the tumor.

Today Mikhail checked out home. He feels well and shares his impressions 5 days after the operation.

Read more in our video.

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