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Online conference for outpatient doctors "Early diagnosis of oncological diseases»

Online conference for outpatient doctors "Early diagnosis of oncological diseases» Target audience: врачей амбулаторного звена: терапевтов, врачей общей практики, онкологов, врачей по специальности "Лечебное дело"

We are waiting for you at https://medx.pro

Dear colleagues, we invite you to take part in the school for outpatient doctors "Early diagnosis of oncological diseases".

Date: April 7, 2021

Time of the event: 15:00 – 18:00

The event will be held in an online format on the website https://medx.pro/. You can join from any device if you have an internet connection.

Participation is free.

The Commission of the Ministry of Health on NMO accredited the online conference 07.04.2021 "Early diagnosis of oncological diseases": each participant will receive 4 points NMO for participation.

Registration procedure for participants:

To participate in the Event as a registered participant to receive NMO points you need to register on the portal https://medx.pro/by filling out the registration form and consent to the processing of personal data.

Technical requirements and procedure for connecting to the broadcast:

Participants can join from any device if they have access to the Internet via a hyperlink. All training materials of the project are available to users with various Internet devices, it is possible to choose a convenient operating system and browser.

Information about the order of presence control:

In order to control the presence of participants, the organizers of the OM provide three options for controlling the presence of participants:

  • 4 times during the conference between reports, the moderator addresses the participants and asks them to confirm their presence with a conditional symbol in the general chat of the conference. In addition, participants can confirm their presence by asking questions to the speakers, participating in interactive surveys, giving feedback to the speaker about the content of the report in a certain period of time determined by the organizers. The total number of attendance controls planned for the conference period is 4 (four). The minimum allowed number of confirmations out of the total number of controls is 3 (three);
  • the technical support team can record the time of the "active window" by the IP address of the participant, after which reports are automatically generated that contain information about the time periods of the active window with the conference for registered users;
  • educational portal medX.pro maintains an automated record of all active actions of participants, including recording the time of entry/exit and the time of presence with the formation of a similar report for each participant.

The minimum allowed time of presence is 180 minutes.

Information about the order of knowledge control: knowledge control is not provided.

Technical and system requirements:

For PC

Processor: Pentium 4 or higher

RAM: at least 512 MB at least 54 MB of hard disk space;

Video system: at least 1024 × 768 pixels (recommended resolution-1200 × 900 pixels);

Chroma system: at least 16 million colors;

Input devices; keyboard, virtual keyboard, mouse, or touch device, or touchpad

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7/8/8. 1/10 + Alt Linux 5 and above or macOS X+

Browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 10/11 or Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari

Internet connection of at least 64 kB/s per user;

For tablet Internet devices running the following operating systems:

iOS 7/8/9 touch screen with virtual keyboard, free memory in the device 13 MB

Android 4.5-5.1 touch screen with virtual keyboard, free memory in the device 17MB

Windows 8/8. 1/10 touch screen with virtual keyboard, free memory space in the device.


The technical Support team is available throughout the event.

To contact technical support, participants can use the conference chat or write to an email support@medx.pro.

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