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History of the MCSC patient. Hyperparathyroidism. Difficulties in diagnosis.


A 54-year-old patient turned to the MCSC. For a long time, she was bothered by bloating, rumbling, and constant intense abdominal pain. Vomiting often occurred, and the weight quickly decreased - by 25 kg in 6 months. With a diagnosis of chronic calcifying pancreatitis, she underwent therapy in a polyclinic, but her condition did not improve.

In the MCSC, specialists conducted a comprehensive examination of the patient, the results of which confirmed the previously established diagnosis. However, they noticed that according to laboratory indicators, the level of calcium was 3 times higher, parathyroid hormone was 4 times higher, and on ultrasound examination of the thyroid and parathyroid glands, they identified signs of an increase in both parathyroid glands.

The doctors of the Center conducted a follow-up examination of the patient, which revealed parathyroid adenomas, primary hyperparathyroidism, and visceral form. This is an endocrine disease that develops with an excessive amount of parathyroid hormone or an increased level of calcium in the blood due to the primary pathology of the parathyroid glands. In 1.5-7%, primary hyperparathyroidism is the cause of the development of chronic calcifying pancreatitis.

A specialist of the Center for Endocrine and Metabolic Surgery of the MCSC made a decision on surgical treatment.

Now she is under the supervision of our doctors and is preparing for surgery.

Thanks to the wide diagnostic capabilities and multidisciplinary approach of specialists from different departments to the treatment of patients, it is possible to make a correct diagnosis and prescribe effective treatment.

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