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Igor Khatkov in an interview with Meditsinskaya Gazeta: is it possible to be an equally effective surgeon, manager, scientist, teacher and manager?


"We have a very strong team, and even with all the objective time difficulties caused by reconstruction and construction, this makes the work and communication interesting. It seems to me that overcoming difficulties even gives us all extra energy. Not for me, anyway. And the main thing – I see it, and my colleagues see it-is the development of the Center, it is better today than yesterday. And even with a whole list of problems, I understand how they will be resolved, because there is a program for the development of the MCSC. And when there are clear plans for the future, this, although it does not make life easy, but it makes it interesting

- Igor Khatkov, Professor, MD, chief freelance specialist DZM of Oncology, Director MCSC them. A. S. Loginova in an interview with "Medical newspaper" told, is it possible to be equally efficient active operating surgeon, the head of a large clinic, scholar, teacher and Manager, and how to cope with all loads, while remaining a good professional, emotional, and physical form.


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