I have cancer, can I get vaccinated against COVID-19? Recommendations of Moscow oncologists


Specialists of the Moscow Cancer Society have developed recommendations for vaccination against COVID-19 patients with cancer, according to which antitumor treatment for this period should not stop.

Heads and oncologists of the anchor oncological centers of Moscow-the Moscow clinical scientific and practical Center named after A. S. Loginov, city oncological Hospital No. 62, clinical hospitals No. 40, named after S. P. Botkin and named after D. D. Pletnev, city clinical oncological Hospital No. 1 took part in the development of recommendations. In accordance with them, as mentioned earlier, the presence of an oncological diagnosis is not a contraindication for vaccination against a new coronavirus infection. On the contrary, experts consider it critically important. The recommendations of the Moscow Cancer Society were reviewed and approved by the clinical committee of the Moscow Department of Health.

This category of patients has an increased risk of severe covid-19 and should be vaccinated regardless of the nosology and stage of antitumor treatment. In addition, the recommendations emphasize that, as a matter of priority, vaccination should be carried out not only by patients, but also by doctors who are in direct contact with them.

According to the recommendations, antitumor treatment for this period should also not stop. At the same time, experts note that vaccination should be carried out taking into account individual factors for each patient. In fact, this means that an individual approach is applied to each patient. For example, if the patient is prescribed antitumor therapy, then vaccination should be carried out before the start of treatment, usually 1-2 weeks, when planning surgical treatment, it is recommended to be vaccinated for 2 weeks, or after the patient has fully recovered after surgery. It is worth noting that vaccination is not carried out in the acute and terminal stages of the disease, and in cases of bone marrow transplantation, experts recommend vaccination in 2-6 months.

After vaccination, patients with cancer have a reduced risk of developing COVID-19, as well as its severe complications. This factor becomes especially important due to the general weakness of the body against the background of the underlying disease. The Moscow experience of vaccination of oncological patients shows safety and high efficiency in the form of formation of an adequate immune response.

These recommendations are communicated to all city specialists-oncologists of outpatient and inpatient level, as well as doctors of city polyclinics.

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