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Breast thermography. How accurate is this method?


Breast thermography - this is a diagnostic method that is based on registration infrared radiation from the breast, after which you get images, allowing to define "hot" or "cold" areas in the body. 

  • As tumor cells grow and multiply very fast. blood flow and metabolism in the tumor higher.
  • As blood flow and metabolism increase skin temperature rises. 

It is assumed that thermal radiation above breast tumors should be above than over the surrounding tissue, so thermography will allow detect cancer at an early stage.

But is it really so?

Human body temperature is not specific and absolute an indicator. In a healthy person, it can vary 35.5 to 37.0 degrees and depends on many factors: physical activity, air temperature, food etc.

In addition, there is no single norm for thermographic images of breast tissue.

  • The location of the "warm" and "cold" areas in the mammary gland of each woman is determined by her individual characteristics, and it is not always possible correctly interpret thermography data, especially when it comes to identifying small formations.

Studies have shown that thermography ineffective as a stand-alone test for introduction diagnosis of breast cancer, because it gives high percentage false positive and false negative results. 

  • According to statistics, wrong the diagnosis after thermography of the mammary glands is made in 25-30% of patients.

As of today mammography still remains most effective the method of diagnosis of breast cancer on his introduction, the most treatable stages.

Be healthy!

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