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Digital diagnosis of skin diseases


Skin cancer is one of the most common types among all oncological diseases.

In 2020, malignant neoplasms of the skin, including melanoma, took the first place in the structure of cancer incidence, amounting to 12.7%.

In this case, skin cancer refers to tumors that are quite easy to visualize. Therefore, it is available for early detection and timely treatment and, as a result, for the most favorable prognosis.

Today, oncologists have digital technologies for the diagnosis of skin diseases:

  • digital dermatoscopy of all kinds;
  • digital sequential dermatoscopic imaging;
  • automatic total body mapping;
  • computer analysis of images of neoplasms;
  • using artificial intelligence;
  • telemedicine.

Read more about digital diagnostic solutions in dermatooncology by reference.

You can sign up for the procedure:  

  • by phone MCSC Call Center: +7 (495) 304-30-39 
  • at the reception desk at Sh. 86 entuziastov, Building 5 (consulting and diagnostic Department), 2nd floor 

The study is conducted by an oncologist-surgeon of the Department of tumors of the head and neck Gavrishchuk P. A. on Mondays from 15: 00 to 16: 00, Building 5, Office 26.

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