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Medical care for patients with complex diseases of the nervous system


The Center for Neuromuscular Pathology MCSC conducts diagnostics and treatment of various diseases of the nervous system.

We are pleased to announce that the Neuromuscular Pathology Center provides consulting and diagnostic assistance to patients with the following diagnoses

  • Myasthenia gravis;
  • inflammatory and other polyneuropathies; 
  • radiculopathy;
  • myopathies;
  • spinal muscular atrophy; 
  • myelopathy;
  • motor neuron disease;
  • neuralgia (including trigeminal neuralgia and other facial pain).

In addition, on the basis of the center, the reception is conducted by a neurogeneticist-epileptologist Makashova Elizaveta Sergeevna, who provides counseling to patients with epilepsy, autoimmune encephalopathies, neurofibromatosis and other genetic diseases

You can make an appointment by phone +7-495-304-30-39 or online on the website mknc.ru .



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