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Mammography in combined mode


Mammography in combined mode (2D digital mammography + 3D tomosynthesis) - this is a new standard of care in the diagnosis of breast cancer.

  • German researchers have found that diagnosis using digital breast tomosynthesis in combination with synthesized mammography is superior to standard digital mammography in detecting breast cancer.

Two-dimensional (2D) mammography is currently the standard for breast cancer screening.

  • Digital breast tomosynthesis (3D) generates breast datasets from which synthesized two-dimensional mammograms can be reconstructed

Thus, this innovative approach reduces the likelihood of superposition of breast tissue, which may hide signs of malignant neoplasm.

  • It is also important to note that such combined (synthesized) mammography does not increase the radiation load on the patient.

Specialists MCSC Women's Health clinics were among the first in Russia to use this method in the diagnosis of breast cancer.

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