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"Client paths" for cancer patients


The formation of "client paths" has been completed

For a patient with suspected cancer, it is important to clearly understand what examinations are necessary, where to apply and in what time frame each step should be taken.

For this purpose, special algorithms have been developed – "client paths", which contain all the necessary information for the patient.

The formation of all algorithms is fully completed and patients are available: 

  • the stage from suspicion of a malignant neoplasm to its confirmation;
  • the stage of decision-making on treatment tactics (oncoconsilium);
  • the stage of initiation of specialized antitumor treatment, including surgical and chemotherapeutic;
  • the stage of dispensary observation, including the necessary studies and the procedure for their implementation.

"Client Paths" have become another step in the implementation of a value-based approach in the capital's healthcare system, when the focus is on the patient — his health, emotional state, quality of life," Anastasia Rakova said.

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