Consultation of a hepatologist on New Year's holidays


Dear patients! 
We are glad to inform you that during the New Year holidays you can make an appointment for a consultation with a hepatologist at the MCSC named after A.S. Loginov
Will conduct reception: Keyan Vitaliya Alexandrovna 

, January 2 
, January 4th 
Khaimenova Tatyana Yurievna 
, January 6 
Melkina Elena Sergeevna 
, January 8 

The liver is the main biological filter of the body, every second it cleanses the blood of toxic substances, regulates the absorption of nutrients. But sometimes its performance may decrease, while in the early stages pathological changes are invisible to a person, because they are asymptomatic, so most often patients go to the doctor already with pronounced signs of inflammation. 

That is why preventive examinations are important, which make it possible to detect the disease at the initial stage of development and restore health much faster.
More than 1,000 patients with chronic liver diseases are examined and receive highly qualified medical care at our Center every year. Modern highly informative diagnostic methods make it possible to identify even a minor pathological change and promptly eliminate it.

For your convenience, you can sign up:  - through the online schedule on the website 
- by phone 8 (800) 234-24-22 
Consultations are conducted under the contract of paid medical services.


Address: sh. Enthusiasts, 86. Consulting and diagnostic department (building 5), room 6 
Be healthy! 



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